Increased income

Use of tractors and other mechanized farming equipment can triple productivity, so PMA expects farmers’ income to increase significantly. Furthermore, using higher-quality inputs and growing crops in larger quantities will help farmers sell their crops for higher prices. 

Improved nutrition

Training will include education about planting foods in personal gardens that lead to a healthy and balanced diet, which will address malnutrition rates among participating families. These families will also be able to purchase other foods that they cannot grow with their increased income. 

Community growth

With additional income coming into households, community members have the ability to pursue other entrepreneurial endeavors that will contribute positively to economic and social growth, e.g., beekeeping, fish ponds, livestock, clean water distribution, etc.

Climate resilience

We train farmers on proper soil management to reduce soil erosion and nutrient depletion, helping to promote regenerative farming practices and improve climate resilience in rural Uganda. 

Women's empowerment

We focus on training and supporting women farmers, which will have a positive impact on their income, education, and training.

Estimated impact on average seasonal per-acre crop production and profit


US Office:

2 Gorham St.                                

Cambridge, MA 02138  USA


Uganda Office:

4th Floor, Acacia Mall

Plot 14-18 Cooper road

Kololo, Kampala. Uganda

Tel: +256 312 531 553                                      

Cel: +256 780 728 098


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